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Cheryl Viczko & Anita Adrain have teamed up to share Feng Shui insights with you.

Arranging Your Life with Feng Shui is an essential practice to enhance all areas of your life.

This dynamic duo bring years of combined experience, inspiring and motivating their growing International audience.

Anita & Cheryl are Certified Essential Feng Shui practitioners from The Western School of Feng Shui.

We invite you to embark on your Feng Shui journey.
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Feng Shui Fridays, learning to use the “F” word 


“The Feng Shui – created an awareness of how clutter in my space are blocked energy. I love the presenters love (I loved it) Declutter to allow more new energy.” ~ Unkown

“Anita & Cheryl show you how your vibration is reflected in your home and any space you live in. Very applicable and I will begin as soon as I get home.” ~ Chad

“I have read about Feng Shui, maybe I am REALLY READY to declutter and move on! Thanks for the inspiration, moving 27 items tonight. and Monday is remove items day.” ~ Rose

“The Feng Shui seminar was incredible! So much valuable information that makes SO much sense.” ~ Sharon

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”  ~ Albert Einstein

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

“One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things” ~ Frank Herbert



“MOVING FROM CHAOS 2 CLARITY” ~ Exchange of Energy $222 

Do you often feel frustrated, overwhelmed, easily distracted, short-tempered and or anxious?

These stress responses may be the result of having to manage too much stuff or clutter in your home.

Whether it’s a pile of unopened mail on your desk, mounds of clothing in your bedroom, stacks of unorganized items in the garage or hundreds of tasks swirling around in your brain.

All of which are cluttering up your life, taking up valuable real estate, disabling you from having the life you truly desire. You know… the life where you spend quality time with your loved ones enjoying all the activities that make your heart sing.

Realizing the “Power of Your Possessions is a NO FEE live webinar and the first STEP in getting a handle on your space, your home, the place you spend about 30% of your time. access the LIVE or the replay when you REGISTER HERE

Also, this is an opportunity to get to know us before committing fully to our program.

Start Decluttering

What Carol Daly had to say“Before working with Feng Shui with Anita and Cheryl”, I struggled to de-clutter room after room of my home because It was hard for me to let go of things that I might need some day, …or had sentimental value, ….or had cost me A LOT of money. In joining the “Moving From Chaos to Clarity” ~ 21 Days to Freedom, not only did I let go of LOTS/TONS of stuff, I felt good in the process, had lots of support, and I could move at my own pace. Some weeks I had more time so more got done. I still felt successful when my schedule was more limited. The BIG BONUS was learning how to energetically organize each area of my home. I love the community and accountability Anita and Cheryl create. So much so that I signed up for their next class. I am so happy I made the choice to join the class a second time. Thank You, Anita and Cheryl”

According to Dictionary.com, clutter is defined as something untidy or overfilled with objects. it also refers to a state or condition of confusion.

However, how you define clutter is unique to you and your situation. Clutter is more than having a lot of physical items in disarray, mental clutter, emotional clutter and even electronic clutter all have dis-empowering effects for the individual.

‘MOVING FROM CHAOS 2 CLARITY’ is for Anyone who …

  • Is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and does not know where to start.
  • Is constantly “beating themselves up” for not get things done.
  • Is not feeling supported and struggles with procrastination.
  • Is feeling stuck and not moving forward in life.

We (Anita and Cheryl) are excited about this program and we guarantee that you will finish the 21 Day Program with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

When you say YES…

  • You will receive the Advanced Decluttering Guideline that we created specifically for this program and will walk you through all the steps. There is additional information that we left out of the guide that we felt would be more impactful when delivered live.
  • You will have our undivided attention once a week on our live group call. As we gently take you by the hand to uncover the underlying reasons why the clutter reoccurs and how to stop it from happening again.
  • You will receive support and inspiration from your de-clutter partner.
  • You will have access to our private FB group. (motivation and accountability)
  • And a whole lot more!

MOVING FROM CHAOS 2 CLARITY ~ 21 Days to Freedom

Started with the   “Power of Possessions” on April 5th catch the replay after registering here: REGISTER HERE 

Once a week we will meet to support each other and address any individual challenges through the empowerment / coaching zoom call.

April 12th starts with our Meet and Greet and outline for 21 days – April 19th  – April 26th – May 3rd our Wrap Up Celebration.

Once you are registered you will receive all the information including the Zoom links for our weekly empowerment calls. We customize it to your specific needs. Not knowing who will be joining us we want to make sure that is a personalized experience that will forever change the way you look at any ‘thing’ again.

Our goal is to empower you to make lasting changes and we want you to feel comfortable.

You have our guarantee that if at the end of our 21-days nothing has shifted for you, or you feel that Ah Heck I could have done this on my own, or for any other reason (reasonable) we will give you a FULL refund.

How’s that for confidence? We sincerely care about you and your results and when you shift your perspective, your energy it affects us all in a positive way.

So Lets Do This!



GUIDANCE FROM SPIRIT ~ Exchange of Energy $44 per person, (group size is limited to 8 participants) 6:30pm – 8:00pm MST

Dip your toes into the energy of spirit in a group setting. For many who have never experienced a channeling session before, this a great opportunity to try it out.

As one client said…”I could feel a lot of energy and when you were giving it to the other ladies, I felt it too. I found in the group setting, even though the questions were personal to that person’s life. I was able to take away some bits of information. This would be a neat activity to do with a group of likeminded friends and individuals, whose energy you share.” ~ Christine S.

“I really enjoy the session, got healing from spirit and been having chills around thank you thank you for all your healing I appreciate you”… Nelia

‘Guidance from Spirit’ is presented in a group format. A general message will begin the dialogue for the group and then individually you will have the opportunity to ask a question and receive the answer from Spirit. The responses come from the collective guidance of Spirit, as the divine intention is set to be of universal energy.

GUIDANCE FROM SPIRIT – watch the “What’s Coming Up” calendar for dates and registration link

Cheryl Viczko is the vessel for this information to come forth from the unseen energies of Spirit.


Testimonial #1

“Cheryl is clear link to the divine. Her messages are spot on whether that’s through your spirit guides or through other beings of Light. My conversation with Cheryl gave me peace of mind, as well as the confidence to continue moving forward with ease and grace. I was able to gain a deep understanding of how beautifully my spiritual team was supporting me. I’d recommend a session with Cheryl to anyone that is seeking a deeper connection with their guides, angels or higher self. You will not only receive insight into the questions in your mind but walk away feeling confident with how to use that new information to navigate your life.” ~ Mindy B.

Testimonial #2
Wow, Cheryl, what a session that was with you. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect… Certainly, I didn’t expect such a professional channeling session. That was amazing. You spoke with such clarity, certainty and profound; loving messages… just what I needed to hear. You also gave your messages in such a loving, succinct, wise and powerful manner. You were awesome! Thank you for such a gift. I am so grateful. Smiles, with gratitude,” ~ Diane xxx


VISION QUEST 2021 ~ Exchange of Energy ~ $198

Create Your Life in 2022,

Looking back on the year 2021 did you have the tools to adapt to the changes or did you encounter some challenges? 

February 1, 2022 was the start of the Chinese New Year of the Yang Water Tiger we want to ensure that you benefit from the energies of the Tiger.

With the combined wisdom of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and the Law of Attraction manifesting your goals and deepest desires are possible when you are expertly guided.

We invite you to join us (Anita & Cheryl) as we present the Feng Shui Vision Quest Workshop. You will have the opportunity to be inspired and supported on your journey with other like-minded souls as you align your intentions and declare your vision for 2022.

The VISION QUEST is a powerful journey focusing on several key areas of your life that you desire better results. You will be expertly guided to reveal what that is for you.

Option #1 Includes:

  • Online gathering with like minded people (time slot 4 hours)
  • Getting Clear on Your Goals & Intentions for 2022
  • Vision Quest 42 Day Journal (to print off)
  • Learn to create your dream board in various ways.
  • Accountability Session 1 week following with Q & A.

Added value $66

  • ‘Guidance from Spirit’ the opportunity for you to ask a specific question (s) to further support your intentions for 2022. One hour prior to our allocated time together. Added value $44

This is a unique program that we have specifically designed for you to achieve success. It’s like showing the Universe… “this is what I want”, and the Universe gets busy manifesting it for you!

The Feng Shui Vision Quest workshop includes a 42- day guided journal that is proprietary to this program. We have combined all the powerful manifestation tools that we have learned from many years of study and personal experience.  

The FENG SHUI VISION QUEST ~ Option #1 plurkshop (play + work) will be presented virtually on February 26th ~ 1 pm – 5 pm MST

It’s a perfect time to reset, re-focus, and get really clear on what you want for 2022.

Once payment is received you will receive the PDF printable journal and the access link.


What a past participant had to say:

“If you are looking for an inspirational workshop to help you focus on and manifest your goals, this is the class for you!”


TREASURE MAPPING YOUR HOME ~ Exchange of Energy $88 

The powerful tool used by all Feng Shui practitioners regardless of what School of Feng Shui that is followed …is called the Bagua or what Anita and Cheryl like to call the “Treasure Map”.

The fundamental difference between the schools of thought is HOW the map is used.

In Essential Feng Shui we use it in a non-directional approach.

The “Bagua” is an energetic map that represents the nine fundamental aspects of one’s life and it can be used as a macro for a space right down to the micro, even on your desk.

The Treasure Map then is a tool used to map the energy of a specific space to enhance or activate all of those fundamental aspects of one’s life.


  • brings awareness to what areas may be enhanced to achieve different results
  • where is the chi stagnant or blocked and in what area of your life
  • use your Treasures to activate and get the chi flowing

Everything including all the physical possessions in your home are alive with energy, the life force CHI that nourishes mind, body and spirit. It is the unseen energy that connects the Inner World aspects of self to the Outer World.

Whatever results you are currently experiencing in any aspect of your life can be shifted and supported energetically when you learn to use the Treasure Map.

Are you ready to get the ‘chi’ moving and flowing in the direction of your heart’s desires?

Learning to TREASURE MAPPING YOUR HOME has the potential to enhance all aspects of your life.

You will receive the digital copy of this webinar within 24 hours of receipt of payment.




FENG SHUI FOR PROSPERITY ~ Exchange of Energy $198

The world is in a transition period, a pivotal time of growth.

How we manage this unprecedented time in history will ultimately determine how we fair on the other end when the dust has settled.

We believe (Anita & Cheryl) that everything is connected energetically, that means that we are ALL connected in some way. More now than ever it is important to elevate and sustain positive energy to ensure you prosper in all areas of your life. How we manage our own energy adds to the collective, ultimately affecting the whole.

What Loretta had to say…”The “Feng Shui for Prosperity” on line workshop was a fabulous follow up to “Get Work Done From Home” on line class. I have made quite a few changes in my office space and also created a new space in my basement (Healing Room) largely due to the information and the support that has come about from the classes and information presented by Cheryl & Anita. It was the push I needed to help me make the changes in these spaces (as well as the rest of the home). The information that I have learned is helping me to look at everything with new eyes, (Feng Shui Eyes).

I find it quite easy to ‘slack off’ so keeping the momentum going is important to me and my forward motion. Taking notes from our classes and giving myself reminders helps to keep me motivated.

The content was suitable and the time for the classes worked well for me.

When I reflect back on how much I have accomplished with my changes I know I need to give myself a huge pat on the back. Because I was journaling back in the fall, before I made the changes that allowed me to see the growth. If I did not journal I probably would have not realized how much change has really occurred. I thoroughly enjoy my office and my new healing space!”

We are super excited to support you on this journey of life, with our master class ‘Feng Shui for Prosperity.’ This program is offered over 3-sessions where you will learn to transform your home into a magnet for abundance. These interactive sessions will gently guide you in the understanding of Feng Shui and how to activate prosperity leading to a life of abundance.

You will begin to see improvements in every aspect of your life, from attracting wealth, finding happiness, perhaps a new love interest, attracting your dream job, to living a full experience in mind, body, and spirit.

Each week we will uncover another layer of Feng Shui to enhance manifestation in any area of your life where you desire different results.


Once payment is received you will be granted access to the recordings.


FENG SHUI YOUR OFFICE ~ Exchange of Energy $66

Do you look forward to spending time in your office? Is it a space that you feel fully supported and productive in? Or do you find yourself easily distracted putting you off task. Are you experiencing any challenges, perhaps with clients or vendors? Do you feel overwhelmed, with a big to-do list and piles of unfinished projects?

When you embark on the Feng Shui journey of seeing your space through the energetic lens of Feng Shui, powerful results can be achieved.

Did you know your stuff is currently “saying” a lot more than you think? Everything that shows up in your environment has an energetic signature that is either empowering or dis-empowering. In this class you will learn how to recognize that and more. Creating an office space that ultimately serves your highest potential.

Feng Shui Your Office for optimal results when you learn the 3-Pillars of Productivity.

  • Pillar #1 Your Possessions

What affect does clutter have on all aspects of one’s life.

  • Pillar #2 Perception Your View Matters

What you see, your view, your perception matters!

  • Pillar #3 the Power Position

There is a best way to optimize your space.

Feng Shui Your Office is a 1- hour program packed full of valuable information that you can use to immediately apply to your individual situation, specifically your office space. When you energetically align your goals and aspirations with that of the physical space of your office you will achieve lasting results.

When you click to purchase you will be redirected to: Light Miracle Workers where we hold all our programs.


“So, inspired! The evening of the class, I completely changed the position of my desk, so my back is now on a solid wall and my chair is facing my door on an angle. I was feeling very agitated when working in my office since I bought a new desk. I thought it was the color that was causing this, however when I rearranged my desk to not have my back at the door my whole perspective changed.” ~ Holly T.


“I would tell them it gave me insight into why I am stuck in certain areas of my life and inspired me to make some needed changes in my life to move forward.” ~ Amy C.

“The hour was so informative, I learned so much, I can’t wait to learn more and apply it in other rooms.”  ~ Barb K.

 “After the class with Anita & Cheryl, I completely rearranged my office. It took about a week of decluttering, organizing, and repairs. My home office used to be the dreaded room in my home; now it is my sanctuary. I love being in my office! And I had unexpected checks come in the mail. Wow, super impressed!” ~ Valentina I.

“If you feel blocked in anyway, you must check out the Feng Shui masters!” ~ Deanna B.


FENG SHUI YOUR OFFICE ~ THE NEXT STEP ~ Exchange of Energy ~ $88

Are you ready to take ‘The Next Step’ in Feng Shui’ing your office space?

In the ‘Feng Shui Your Office, an Introduction’ class, we introduced you to the power of the Bagua or Treasure Map as we like to call it.

In ‘The Next Step’, we take a closer look at how you can use this trans-formative tool to create an office space that supports your current goals and aspirations.

You will be empowered as we share examples of office spaces, before and after photos of some of our ‘case study’ participants. People just like you, who attended our introductory ‘Feng Shui Your Office’ class and then, put their hand up to be a part of this class

‘The Next Step’

We have even included photos of our own office spaces so that we can be completely transparent. They also offer some great learning opportunities, as we share with you the 5-Element Theory.

Have you ever rearranged the furniture in a particular room because you innately felt that something wasn’t just quite right? Only to stand back with a sense that something was still missing? This is an example of where one or more of the 5-elements was not present, therefore your innate didn’t feel in balance.

‘The Next Step’ promises to inspire you to reach your next step.
We look forward to sharing this class with you as you continue on your Feng Shui journey.


When you click to purchase you will be redirected to: Light Miracle Workers where we hold all our programs.


GET WORK DONE FROM HOME ~ Exchange of Energy – $398


Do you work from home or a corporate office somewhere?  Working from home has it’s benefits and challenges. Heck, getting work done at a coproate office can sometimes be challenging.

You will have access to this 5- module program that is guaranteed to have a profound impact on your productivity and success.

Module #1 ~ Subtle Influences, Profond Impact

  • self-assessment
  • 9 – business aspects
  • business Bagua – exclusively designed for this program

Module #2 ~ Your Stuff Sabotaging or Supporting

  • top 3 – reasons we hold on to stuff
  • electronic clutter how to mitigate the impact
  • enhanicng the Business Bagua

Module #3 ~ Information Overload

  • designing a functional filing system
  • electronic clutter
  • ‘sha’ (not so good) energy in your office

Module #4 ~ The Power Position

  • metaphorical and structural support
  • activate your best direction
  • ideal furniture placement for productivity

Module #5 ~ Get Your Feng On

  • making a plan
  • managing expectations & communication for harmonious work-life balance
  • effective tips working from a home office

You will have access to all of these modules once your payment has been received


It is possible!

Here is what previous participants had to say:

“I totally would recommend it! (this program) You go from looking at your situation as I should do it, or have to do it but do not want to, to having support and a schedule to get it done as well as encouragement. Also, you get to totally change your mindset and how you look at the situation.” ~ Marty. A.

“It’s Fantastic! I would recommend it. It helped me move forward and create positive change in my office and beyond.” ~ Hilary M.

What’s really cool and what we wanted to share with you was that Hilary’s husband recently posted on FB that he couldn’t stand the mess in his garage any longer and did a complete overhaul. When I commented on his post he had this to say “You have affected us… in a great way!”

It has been several months since his wife took our 5-module program and still the ripples of change, productivity and positivity are affecting their lives.


OPTIMIZE YOUR OFFICE Exchange of Energy – $497


The Optimize Your Office Space & Time is for those who are serious about creating a dynamic office space.

One that mirrors or matches the energies of your aspirations and business goals.

You will receive the digital files for ALL 3 of our Feng Shui Your Office programs.

  • Our introductory class ‘FENG SHUI YOUR OFFICE’ ~ $66
  • ‘THE NEXT STEP’ ~ $88

Over 7 hours of transformational information that will inspire you to take action, creating an office space that resonates with your goals & aspirations.

When your purchase the ‘Optimize Your Office’ package valued at $552 you only pay $497 saving you $55 from purchasing the programs individually.


When you click to purchase you will be redirected to: Light Miracle Workers where we hold all our programs.


“So, inspired! The evening of the class, I completely changed the position of my desk, so my back is now on a solid wall and my chair is facing my door on an angle. I was feeling very agitated when working in my office since I bought a new desk. I thought it was the color that was causing this, however when I rearranged my desk to not have my back at the door my whole perspective changed.”~ Holly T.

“I would tell them it gave me insight into why I am stuck in certain areas of my life and inspired me to make some needed changes in my life to move forward.” ~ Amy C.

The Feng Shui seminar from Anita & Cheryl was very eye opening and insightful. I experienced many “ah ha” moments that helped me to understand how to improve many areas of my life. I highly recommend this seminar. The course was fun, exciting, funny and and all around a fun time of learning and growth!! Loved It !!! ~ Unkown

“Very well presented. Very organized, Great Material. I loved it! Thank you both! I’ve learned so much from you.” ~ Unknown

“If you feel blocked in anyway, you must check out the Feng Shui masters!” ~ Deanna B.

 “After the class with Anita & Cheryl, I completely rearranged my office. It took about a week of decluttering, organizing, and repairs. My home office used to be the dreaded room in my home; now it is my sanctuary. I love being in my office! And I had unexpected checks come in the mail. Wow, super impressed!” ~ Valentina Isarra

“The hour was so informative, I learned so much, I can’t wait to learn more and apply it in other rooms.”  ~ Barb K. 


Botox and Fillers

Feng Shui Consultation

Energy does not hide, it is constantly flowing, & changing, question is, are things flowing in the direction you want them to?

Esthetic Surgery

Your Souls Messages

Inside a “Your Souls Messages” ~ channeling session you have the opportunity to have a conversation with Spirit. 

Laser Treatments

Organizing Consultation

Home office, filing systems and de-cluttering – let the experts organize your space so you can do what you love to!

Anita Adrain, my friend and Feng Shui partner, has published an amazing book, “The HeART of Feng Shui…Simply Put” offers never before shared concepts including: Energetic Heart Codes and a new view on Yin Yang which restores balance and harmony to all systems. ~ Anita Adrian

The HeART of Feng Shui… Simply Put


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