What do these people have in common; Edgar Cayce, Esther Hicks, Jane Roberts, Lee Carroll, Marilyn Harper? They are all, in my opinion world class Spirit Channels. All with their own unique abilities to bring forth messages from beyond ‘the veil.’

Their stories can be found with simple searches, and like many others around the globe, they have practiced and honed their skills. Spirit channels date back thousands of years, to describe any one specific type, would be unfair. Spirit channels come in many forms.

Similar to our ancestors, many people today, engage in some form of spirit communication and continue to receive spiritual guidance through gifted modern day channels. I believe messages are brought forth, not just in word, but also through the arts, music, sports, and poetry. Through those in the healing fields of medicine and research, technology and business. Where do you think those ‘brilliant ideas’ come from?

Discover How Your Spirit Guides Can Help You, To Have The Most Outstanding Year Ahead.

Why not step into 2021 with clarity, with love and compassion by receiving what messages your Spirit Guides have for you?

Do you ever wonder… ‘how do I navigate in this crazy energy’ that the planet is going through right now?

Here’s the secret…

Spirit is always guiding you, the question is…are you listening?

Let me explain: the mixed messages you are receiving from multiple sources, including the media, have you going in many directions and likely living in a bit of fear. Source is always loving, always encouraging and has a perspective that most of us, on this earthly plane cannot see. As you continue to ignore your Guides messages and choose to listen to outside sources, you create a tug-of-war inside. You know what you are hearing in mainstream media can’t be correct, but it is so compelling that you ignore your own ‘gut instincts’. Those ‘gut instincts’ are your Spirit Guides way to nudge you, to get your attention. You know they speak softly, quietly, gently and for many, those messages go unheard.

Everyone is a Divine Link to Source energy?

You have the same potential within you.

Spirit is always trying to get your attention.

Your Guides can help you deal with stress or anxiety. They are always willing to help.

The big questions on my clients mind are …

~ How can I step into 2021 with clarity?

~ How can I be sure I am safe?

~ How can I feel secure with all the craziness that is going on around me?

Many clients come to me frustrated, even sad and some simply curious about what the future holds for them.

I’ve been studying with Marilyn Harper (Adironnda & Company) for awhile and receiving messages from Spirit since I was young. You see, it is this innate ability that I have continued to practice, that brings me to this point in my life. I know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck, to feel anxious about the future, even angry. I’ve been there, and at those times, I reached out to the ones I trusted, those like me, that are constantly honing their skill at connecting with Spirit, with the Divine and asking for guidance. Knowing that I have someone I can turn to when the outside voices are drowning out my inner wisdom. That’s when I turn to them, those that are clearly connected to the Divine.

It took me over four decades to step into my talents, to open up my logical, analytical mind to the possibilities that maybe, just maybe, there is a higher source of knowledge. I have finally reached the point where I have the confidence in my own abilities to connect with Spirit or the Divine or Higher Source or whatever term you prefer to use, to bring forth ‘Your Soul’s Messages’

Some of the most inspirational thought leaders, like Gabby Bernstein, reach out to their “spiritual mediums” for advice. To quote Gabby “I feel very blessed to have some of the greatest spiritual mediums on speed dial…I always call them for support.” She goes on to share, “When I’ve had moments of struggle, they have each provided positive messages and clear directions to help me through.

What the inquisitive say about their session with me:

“My session with Cheryl provided me with some really good insights and places to shift my thoughts.  I was especially pleased with some specific direction on a couple of things going on in my body.  I like practical ideas and suggestions that can be easily understood and implemented and this I definitely got.  Cheryl’s warmth and care in delivering the messages she received for me was very evident throughout our session.  I had no idea what to expect going in and I consider myself blessed by it.  Thank you Cheryl” ~ Sonja S..

“Wow, Cheryl, what a session that was with you. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect… Certainly, I didn’t expect such a professional channeling session. That was amazing. You spoke with such clarity, certainty and profound; loving messages… just what I needed to hear. You also gave your messages in such a loving, succinct, wise and powerful manner. You were awesome! Thank you for such a gift. I am so grateful. Smiles, with gratitude,” ~ Diane xxx

Inside the ‘Your Soul’s Messages’, channeling session, I relay to you, the guidance and messages Spirit is sharing with me. At times they come to me visually, at times through a fragrance, other times it is a feeling in a specific place in my body. Most of the time, I receive words that I share with you. Often times clients are so caught up in the messages that they do not “hear or remember” what was said, so in addition to the personal time you will receive the recording. It is yours to keep and listen to over and over in your own leisure.

What you may experience in ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ channeling session: ~ You’ll have the opportunity to have a conversation with Spirit and speak directly to them (while I am in a slightly altered state).

~ You’ll likely experience their warm, joy and loving presence with a desire to help you. Gaining valuable insight along the way.

~ Discussing your questions with the Guides, allows them to empower you to step into your most incredible self.

~ They are here to guide, educate, empower, uplift, and help assist you to move you forward into your life.

If you are ready to step into 2021 with more clarity, confidence, love and support, then click the button above to schedule ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ channeling session and receive the messages Spirit has for you.

My intention is to inspire you, to find comfort in connecting with me, to receive ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ to be the Divine link between You and Your Higher Source. It is also my intention to be the clearest channel possible.

NAMASTE’ (nah-mah-stay) Hindhu/Indian Greeting, a Sanskrit word that means: “I bow to you” or “the Divine in me, bows to the Divine in you”. NAMA ~ means bow TE ~ means you bow me you or I bow to you

When done with deep meaning or feeling in the heart and with the mind surrendered ~ a deep union of spirits can blossom.

The gesture NAMASTE’ represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgement of the soul in one by the soul in another. Closing the eyes helps the mind surrender to the Divine in the heart.

When you have a desire to learn, grow and co-create your life with the help of your Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers ~ that is the best time for ‘Your Soul’s Message’ channeling session.

It is in your desire that the connection is being created.

The benefits you may experience:

~ As you speak with the Spirit Guides regarding your concerns, you will receive guidance and loving, empowering messages from them.

~ Spirit offers insights, teachings, and messages for your spiritual growth.

~ They enjoy responding to your questions and do so with gentleness and compassion, be open to receiving this.

~ At times, they will provide you with objective advice or a different perspective and lovingly guide you.

~ Your heart, your soul, knows the Truth when you hear it.

Today, you can plan to experience the feelings of clarity, compassion, love and wisdom of the energy during ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ channeling sessions as the Guides speak. Their words resonate with your Soul.

OR, you can continue your life as is; remaining in the experience with feelings of frustration, sadness or even staying curious but paralyzed to step into a ‘Greater Knowingness’.

What experienced recipients have to say about their session(s) with me…

“Cheryl is clear link to the divine. Her messages are spot on whether that’s through your spirit guides or through other beings of Light. My conversation with Cheryl gave me peace of mind, as well as the confidence to continue moving forward with ease and grace. I was able to gain a deep understanding of how beautifully my spiritual team was supporting me.  I’d recommend a session with Cheryl to anyone that is seeking a deeper connection with their guides, angels or higher self. You will not only receive insight into the questions in your mind but walk away feeling confident with how to use that new information to navigate your life.” ~ Mindy B.

‘Cheryl’s heart is wide open and her intention to shed light on any challenge is clear. She is an absolute natural at tuning into what will move your life forward! Blessings on your Crystalline Path!!’ ~ Terah K.C.

What you receive from Spirit varies, however each ‘Your Soul’s Messages’  always includes a ~ 1 hour timeframe for ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ channeling session with me. Your opportunity to have a conversation with Spirit includes:

~ Spirit Guides will speak directly to you (while I am in a slightly altered state). They are here to guide, educate, empower, uplift, and help assist you in being your most amazing self, moving forward in your life.

~ You’ll likely experience their love, compassion, and sincere desire to help you.

~The recording of the session (yours to download and keep).

click “This Feels Right ~ ‘Your Soul’s Messages’  button above, knowing that, you are willing, to let ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ unfold.

There is a feeling of such great love that comes when the Guides speak.

My sincere desire is for you to have a positive experience – one that brings love, compassion, guidance, and joy and at times, a little bit of humor into the mix.

You are a Divine Being Dearest Soul. Namaste’

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