What is FENG SHUI?

Feng Shui is the study of energy within your personal or professional spaces. This energy or “chi” has either a supportive or sabotaging effect on you and those that you share the space with.

Recognizing what is depleting or supporting you, becoming consciously aware of your environment, allows you the opportunity to create a healthy, peaceful and dynamic flow of chi, (energy) in your life.

Brought to us from the Chinese, practiced for thousands of years, Feng Shui is the study of the natural environment, the flow of energy and the affects of energy on us as humans.

The words FENG SHUI, mean WIND & WATER. The UNSEN & SEEN forces that affect us right to our core.

As a holistic art and science, Essential Feng Shui is meant to balance and harmonize your inner and outer environments. Supporting and enhancing along the way. In essence Feng Shui is the study of energy, and everything is energy.

Stress is inevitable when you are surrounded by chaos. A disorganized workspace promotes distraction and can foster a negative state of mind, contributing to overwhelm. Having an organized space will help keep you focused and efficient.

When we release the physical clutter, we clear our minds and open ourselves up to synchronicity. ~ Cheryl Viczko

Every time you move things around and you align yourself in certain directions, you’re actually aligning to energy forces, which most people don’t understand. But what are these energy forces? These are cosmic energies.  ~ Lillian Too


Maybe, you have an obstacle course on route to your office, you sit down in the most uncomfortable chair in the house and start to work on a project only to realize, there are so many piles of started projects on the floor that you can’t even find what you are looking for. UGGHH.

Working with my clients, we observe where the energy is stuck, what is the cause of the issue (you may be surprised), where we can shift and change, creating a balance and positive flow of chi. Quite often, the person’s beliefs come up, and things have to be dealt with by them. That is all part of the process.

I was amazed what a few simple changes in my bedroom, did for my quality of sleep. Before consulting with Cheryl, I was sleeping poorly, waking up many times throughout the night.

Who knew that incorporating Feng Shui into my bedroom, would give me the solid night sleep I desperately need.

Thank You Cheryl. Sleep is fundamental to health. Mine is much improved by consulting with you.” ~ Cheryl D. H.

“Thought I would pass on the results of Cheryl’s Thursday Feng Shui sessions and we haven’t even done anything except put up a mirror in my window to reflect back the negative energy from my ex. This actually seems to be working as I feel somewhat lighter about the craziness going on and it’s not bothering me as much.

My friend who owes me about $40,000 got his share sale finished and I will get the money back Thursday with $10,000 extra.

Not a bad start Cheryl. We’ll see what happens when I get the crystals and plant them.” ~ Gord J.


Clutter can be defined as items that are; disliked, unused, you have in excess and/or items that are disorganized.

Clutter can leave you feeling anxious, stagnant and stuck, overwhelmed or even paralyzed.

This is no way to live your best life.

  • Start by picking one space or category that you want to deal with.
  • By space; it could mean your home office, kitchen or a closet.
  • Category could be clothing; paperwork or knick knacks.
  • Begin clearing the energy there.

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, ‘BREATHE’ it’s okay.

Where you are, right here, right now, ‘It’s Okay’.

Maybe a conversation about where to start is exactly what is required for you to move forward.

We can do that, simply click the link below and let’s set a time to have a conversation.

How can I help you best?

If you say to yourself, “I don’t have time to organize my office,” consider how much time you waste everyday sorting through files that have been sitting there for years. When every item has a its place, there will be less wasted time between projects or tasks.

We hire professionals to help us in other areas of our lives (i.e. personal trainers, book keepers, coaches, marketers), so it’s completely normal to seek assistance from a professional organizer. It’s possible you just don’t know where to start, don’t have enough time, or are great at running your business but lack skills to keep paperwork organized.

Feng Shui with Cheryl V helps you become more organized.

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Energy does not hide, it is constantly flowing, & changing, question is, are things flowing in the direction you want them to?

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