The Hourglass Transmissions ~ Weekly LIVE channeled messages from Spirit

The Hourglass Transmission, is a weekly  Facebook LIVE sharing messages from Spirit.

The Hourglass Transmission were created upon requests from spirit. There are many “unseen” energies that have uplifting messages of love and light for humanity and we have been asked to share them. We formed this group to fulfill this commitment. The readings are live weekly. Kalei receives “themes” typically the morning of as she awakens, there is a discussion, about the theme. Both Cheryl & Kalei are guided to an oracle card deck and randomly draw an oracle card to read. Both will channel messages from spirit about their interpretative meaning of the card. Join our group to experience uplifting message that have a positive impact on your life.
All past transmissions can be viewed on our YouTube page at:



Dec 05 2023


Tuesday mornings
10:00 am

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