Power of POSSESSions ~ Your OMG’s for the wEEK!

We have been duped” and led to believe that Joy and Happiness will be experienced when you have this or that, when in fact filling the spaces of the home with more stuff robs you of the connection to source.

In this No Fee powerful packed webinar you will discover the

Power of Possessions.

If you are feeling stressed or stuck in any area of your life, essentially you are out of sync or out of alignment with aspects of mind, body and spirit.

The area that is often overlooked as a contributing source to your vitality and wellness is the home. All of the things that fill the spaces of your home, accumulated along your life’s journey are either sabotaging or supporting your efforts to live a stress less life. According to Bruce Lipton(cellular biologist) 95% of disease is caused by stress.

Are you ready to go All In !     to reduce stress and live a healthier, vibrant life?

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Dec 13 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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