Power of Eight ~ Weekly Intentional Healing Meditation

Power Of Eight, Red Deer group, weekly Intentional Healing Meditation

Based on the book and teachings of author Lynne McTaggart the Power of Eight, we will be gathering like minded people for Intentional Healing Circles once a week.
We are more powerful than we know and there is strength in numbers.
When a small group of people come together and create focused attention with intention on a particular subject the connection to the Universal field intensifies.
In fact, measured brain waves during one of these power of eight groups showed the same level as a meditating monk (which is considerably higher than you or I meditating individually).
Come and experience firsthand the powerful energy that a group can create. Each session is 8 to 10 minutes with a brief discussion following. Virtually on ZOOM.



Jun 07 2023


Wednesday mornings
9:00 am

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