For Every Minute Spent Organizing, an Hour is Earned. – Benjamin Franklin


What does faith mean to you?

Everyone has a different answer, and that is the wonder of faith!

IGNITE YOUR FAITH has LAUNCHED and we invite you to discover some of these answers, written with compassion and authenticity, from those whose lives have been profoundly impacted.

Whether you have faith in a higher power or faith in yourself, see how the other authors and myself shine a light on all sides of faith.

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Surround yourself with the people and items that you love, that lift your energy and fill your heart with joy.

Understand how your environment is affecting you on an energetic level.

Step closer to your dreams and desires.


Would you like to learn more about Feng Shui?

Maybe you are curious about channeled messages or participating in healing meditations. 

Find out about the upcoming events that I am involved with. It is possible we are creating something just for you.

Join us won’t you?

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“Have you ever walked into a room or a space, business, office and been innately aware of the energy in that space? Whether good or anxious, you can FEEL the energy.” ~ Cheryl Viczko

“The usefulness of window is the empty space in which we see” ~ Lao Tzu

is meant to be lived to the fullest. It is supposed to be easy, fun and in my opinion an adventure. 

As adults, we often get so caught up in the day to day doing of ‘stuff’ and obligations, that we forget to have fun, we forget to dream, we forget to ask questions and be curious. 

Have you ever watched water, in the spring, when the snow begins to melt away? That little trickle of water, finds a path, even if it comes across some debris, it still finds a path to continue its’ journey. Easily flowing, it doesn’t stop and think “well, if only I had done this differently”. It simply aligns with its inherent energy and finds an alternate path.

I’m here to inspire you to find that alternate path, to bring back your sense of joy, fun and adventure. What if, it can be this easy?

“A ‘Lightworker” is a human who does spiritual work of any kind.” ~ Kryon

“Play + Work = Plurk” ~ Adironnda


Let’s work together! Be warned, I like to have fun and laugh.

Connect with me for:

  • Inspirational, Keynote or Break Out Sessions as a Speaker for your next conference, training or workshop.
  • Invite me to transform the energy of your home or business.
  • Request a personal ‘Your Soul’s Messages’ channeling session.
  • Sign up for our group experience in ‘Guidance From Spirit’.

The possibilities are endless!

Are you ready to live a Magical Life?

Discover all the programs my Feng Shui partner Anita and I have created. Learn how to enhance your spaces with step by step guidance from two Feng Shui practitioners. Discover the magic of Feng Shui, to help you lead a more joy filled and fulfilling life.


If you say to yourself, “I don’t have time to organize my office,” consider how much time you waste everyday sorting through files that have been sitting there for years. When every item has a its place, there will be less wasted time between projects or tasks.

We hire professionals to help us in other areas of our lives (i.e. personal trainers, book keepers, coaches, marketers), so it’s completely normal to seek assistance from a professional organizer. It’s possible you just don’t know where to start, don’t have enough time, or are great at running your business but lack skills to keep paperwork organized.

Feng Shui with Cheryl V helps you become more organized.

Every time you move things around and you align yourself in certain directions, you’re actually aligning to energy forces, which most people don’t understand. But what are these energy forces? These are cosmic energies.  ~ Lillian Too

Botox and Fillers

Feng Shui Consultation

Energy does not hide, it is constantly flowing, & changing, question is, are things flowing in the direction you want them to?

Esthetic Surgery

Your Soul's Messages

Ever wonder what your next step is? Wish you had insight into the Universal plan for you? Allow me to bring forth your personal messages.

Laser Treatments

Organizing Consultation

Home office, filing systems and de-cluttering – let the experts organize your space so you can do what you love to!

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